One on One

Aside from our Sunday morning gatherings we have smaller Bible study groups that meet throughout the week. These may be on a one-on-one basis, or a couple of people together in either someone’s home, or in a fast-food restaurant. We have moved some of our meeting online to help distance members. If you would like to attend one of our Zoom meetings you can do so. To do this you’d have to install or download the app onto a Smart Phone, a Laptop, or Tablet. We’ll be posting the Room ID for our regulars, but if you want to join one, please contact us.

So for now our weekly schedule is as follows:

Mondays at 7:30 PM Essential Truths Of The Christian Faith on Zoom

Tuesdays at 10AM Dingle Bible Study at Maureen’s House.

Tuesday at 7:30 PM Open Bible Study – Q & A etc! At the church building.

Wednesday at 7PM Prayer Meeting.

Thursday at 7PM Womens’ Bible Study at the Church Building (on hold)

Thursday 7:30PM “The Geneva Room” Systematic Theology on Zoom.

Saturday afternoon will be focused on evangelism as and where possible.

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith Study Group



During the summer we  have our summer evening services in Dingle. We meet from 6 – 7 PM in St. James’ Church of Ireland (opposite Benner’s Hotel). Thats only from July to the end of August.

Upcoming Events