Psalm 9 – Prayer and Thanksgiving for The Lord’s Righteous Judgements!

Psalm 9 and Psalm 10 have been divided into two separate Psalms in our Bibles, whereas in the Hebrew Bible, they are both part of one Psalm. This is demonstrated by the fact that they are written in acrostic format (i.e.using each letter of the Hebrew alphabet to start each section using 22 letters, but if taken separately we would only have half of the acrostic complete).

The focus however of Psalm 9 is that in it David speaks about God’s judgements on the nations, whereas perhaps Psalm 10 is more of a generalisation. God has judged nations and some of them don’t exist anymore. However, there will also be a final Judgement Day (See Rev.20:11-15), in which all the wicked and those who conveniently forget God (See Ps.9:17), will be ‘turned into hell’.

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