Psalm 6 – Help LORD, I’m In Trouble!

This Psalm has been referred to as a prayer for healing or restoration. It is also included as one of the penitential psalms, which include Ps.32; 38; 51; 102; 130;  & 143, although this Psalm doesn’t contain any clear reference to or an acknowledgement of any sin. And yet David feels as if the LORD may be rebuking or chastising him.

David speaks about some sickness he has that effects him right to the bones, and in fact even further, right to the soul, and David thinks he is at the point of death and has waited so long for God to answer him. In fact David has been crying and crying so much that he has drenched his bed with his tears.

Yet at the end of the Psalm, David believes that God has heard his prayer and brought shame upon his enemies.

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