Psalm 16 – The Hope of the Faithful and Messiah’s Victory!

We weren’t expecting another Psalm today, but we were able to squeeze one more into the series.

Commentators are unsure as to the circumstances of David writing this “Michtam”, but there are at least two possibilities:

  1. David was facing an incurable or deadly disease that had attacked his flesh. Therefore he speaks of God being the one who will keep him safe. He also says his flesh has hope, and that the LORD will show him the path to life or the way to life, or the way back to health (v.11a).
  2. David was prophesying concerning one of his descendants down the line, who in fact is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy One would then be Christ. This is attested to by Peter in his first ever recorded sermon, on the Day of Pentecost, where he quoted Ps.16:9-11 in Acts 2:22-33. Then also Paul quoted Psalm 16:9-11 in one of his sermons recorded in Acts 13:34-39.

In the last verse David speaks of joy in the presence of the LORD and pleasures forevermore. Some see this as a present reality, as if they are experiencing all that right now. Others see it as the glories that await the children or God, the true believers, in the place that Jesus went to prepare for them (See John 14:1-4; 1 Cor.2:9). Well the context of Psalm 16:9-11 is expounded on in the NT in Acts 2:22-33; 13:34-39, and we are told that David is dead and buried and that these verses were a prophesy about Christ. Also, some people think that the OT saints had no concept of resurrection or life after death. But these verses clearly show otherwise, and in that case surely David was not speaking of present realities but what he could look forward to in the resurrection.

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