Matthew 8 Pt.2 – True Discipleship and Jesus’ Authority Over Nature!

Jesus could easily draw crowds with His miracles, and He could easily have many “followers”! But what about true disciples? In vv.18-22 we see two “would-be” disciples of Jesus, who probably had not counted the cost. The first, unusually, was a certain “scribe”, who seems to have been a bit too eager to follow Jesus. If we compare the parallel account in Lk.9:57-62, we see that there were then two others who wanted to follow Jesus. But amazingly, both of them said, “Lord, let me first…” Shouldn’t Jesus, the one they called,”Lord,” have been first?

The second incident in this section of Matthew is that of Jesus and His disciples crossing the Lake and encountering a storm (vv.23-27), and we related how scared they all were, except for Jesus who was asleep in the stern of the boat. There are some amazing parallels with the story of Jonah, and how he was running from the LORD and got into a boat, attempted to flee, and the LORD sent a storm into the sea. The sailors were all panicking and very frightened, just like Jesus’ disciples. But Jonah told them to throw him into the sea. They did and immediately the storm was calmed. Jesus’ disciples didn’t have to throw Jesus into the sea (or lake) but He demonstrated His deity in that He simply rebuked the raging sea and the storm.

Likewise the wrath of God rages against the sinner. He turns to his idols, like the sailors in Jonah’s story (See Jonah 1).But the more they did that the worse the storm became. False religion doesn’t make things easier, or help us, nor is it a crutch as the atheists claim. But Jesus demonstrating His glory that day, was more frightening to Jesus’ disciples than that storm. And likewise, Jesus was thrown into the storm of God’s wrath to calm the storm that was raging against us (See Heb.10:26-27), and brought us peace with God (See 2 Cor.5:21).

Jesus certainly can calm any storm in your life, but greater than that, He can calm the wrath of God against us, and He did when He suffered on the cross and took upon Himself the fullness of the fury of God’s wrath and anger against sin.

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