Matthew 3 Pt.2 – The Baptism With The Holy Spirit and Fire!

It was one thing seeing the people of the land, or the common people responding to John’s baptism, but what did John make of the religious leaders coming out to him? Well, rather than embrace them with open arms, he was scathing towards them, using language such as, “You brood of vipers” (charming language)! Their reasons for coming to his baptism were only to investigate him and his theology and practice.

Next came one who was sinless, blameless, and certainly one who didn’t need baptism nor the forgiveness of sins – Jesus! Obviously John saw the inadequacy of his own water baptism in comparison to the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and Fire that Jesus could give. Water baptism could only symbolise washing and cleansing outwardly, whereas Christ’s baptism would bring real inward washing and cleansing, and John wanted that!

In the last part of this chapter we see a clear view or presentation of The Trinity, as The Father speaks from heaven, to the Son in the water, and the Holy Spirit descending and resting on Jesus. This is immediately followed by an open heaven and the voice of God the Father declaring His love for God the Son, and giving Him the Spirit to fulfil prophesy and prepare Him for ministry.

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