Matthew 24 Pt.3 – Persecution, Perseverance, and Preaching!

There would be a lot of obstacles for Christ’s disciples to overcome in the years leading up to the Destruction of The Temple in 70 AD. There were some certain signs that the disciples would see, including being delivered to tribulation, experience martyrdoms, betrayals, hated, lack of love – and yet Jesus assured His disciples that THIS GOSPEL of THE KINGDOM would go out to the WHOLE WORLD! How encouraging this must have been for them. Jesus didn’t promise them a walk in the park, trouble-free, without any opposition. If He had, they would surely have soon become very discouraged once it all began to happen in the years leading up to 70AD. And what can be said about the church of today, who have it relatively easy in some countries and amongst some people? And yet there is no real urgency to get the message of the Gospel out to the world! This should be a challenge to each and every one of us!

To watch the full video of this morning’s church service, just click on this link


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