Matthew 24 Pt.2 – Signs of The End of The Age!

Have the warnings given in Matt.24:4-8 perhaps often been taken out of context as if all have to do with futuristic “End-Time” events? Or could Jesus have been actually answering His disciples question(s) that they asked in v.3? And what was their question relating to? Could it have had something at all to do with what Jesus had said in vv.1-2 concerning The Destruction of The Temple? We think you will see from this passage that all the events were to do with things that would take place between AD33 and AD70, and in particular in relation to the years leading up to AD70. Of course Jesus didn’t state that these things WILL take place in 37 years or 40 years. But He told His disciples that certain events would precede this BIG EVENT, with one in particular being ‘The Revolt of the Jews’ against Roman Rule, a revolution or revolt that began in AD66 and was crushed by AD70 with the Destruction of the Temple and the Dispersion of the Jews to the nations.

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