Matthew 2 Pt.2 – On The Road Again!

In this section we see the wise men on the road again because of a divine dream they had had (Matt.2:12), and then we see Joseph being warned by an angel in another dream (v.13), that told him to go in the middle of the night to Egypt. This may seem unusual except that it was known as a place of refuge from Roman dominance, and approximately 1 Million Jews lived in the city of Alexandria, so that the family was never entirely alone there.

Obviously Herod flew into a rage when he realised he had been “hoodwinked” or “tricked” or “deceived” by these “wise guys”. But these guys weren’t so much wise in not returning to Herod, they were simply obeying what the Lord told them in their dream.

Matthew loves to point out how Jesus fulfils prophesy, and quotes several incidents in which Old Testament texts have a deeper and greater fulfilment in Christ. I.e. Hosea 11:1; Jer.31:15-7.

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