Matthew 18 Pt.3 – Jesus Saves The Lost And Straying!

Many times we will have heard of Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep, found in Luke 15. In that context Jesus was clearly speaking evangelistically, as the shepherd goes and finds lost sheep! However, in the context of Matt.18, although it sounds like the same parable, Jesus was actually referring to His little ones, or His sheep, and of 1 of them that may go astray, or wander from the fold!

Therefore we can be sure that once we have been found the first time by Jesus, as He came to save the lost, we can be confident that we won’t get lost forever again. Sure, true believers can go astray, but they will never get so lost that they end up perishing!

We can thank God that we are in perfectly good hands (See John 10:26-30; Matt.18:14; 2 Pet.3:8-9)!

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