Matthew 13 Pt.5 – Treasures from the Earth, the Sea, and The House!

We nearly got finished the whole of Matthew 13 today. There is one last section about Jesus’ reception or rejection at His home town of Nazareth, still to go. But today we finished the last 3 of the 7 parables (or are there really 8?). You’ll notice some similarities between Parables #5 and #6, because the person described goes and sells all that they have in order to buy a treasure of some sort. And there is a similarity between Parable #7 and Parable #2 (The parable of the wheat and the tares), and Parable #7 (the parable of the dragnet), each ending with almost word-for-word sayings about the outcome of the wicked in a furnace.

Probably Jesus did give another parable in vv.51-52, which is usually not counted along with the other 7, but Jesus did use the phrase ‘is like…’ in His explanation of how His disciples would be like scribes who are like householders, who have treasure in their house. But the job of the “scribe” or a preacher or teacher is to “bring out” of his house, or his treasuries, or from Scripture, old and new gems of truth, which to us would obviously refer to the Old and New Testaments – or in other words, The Bible!

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