Matthew 12 Pt.2 – The Servant of The Lord!

Matthew 12:15-21 paints an accurate picture of the kind of leader that Jesus was. He was no rabble-rouser, ringleader, or trouble maker. Rather He was gentle and would win His victory by going about things that pleased His Father. God anointed Jesus not only to heal the sick, fulfilling Isa.53:4, but also to show that rather than break the bruised reeds and snuff out the smoking flax, representing broke and hurting people, He would bring HOPE and VICTORY, not only to His people Israel, but also in fulfilment of Isa.42:1-4, to bring Justice to the Gentiles, and that the Gentiles would come to trust in His name.

To watch the full video of this Sunday Morning service, just click on this link!


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