Matthew 10 Pt.3 – There Could Be Trouble Ahead!

We know from Matt.10:1-15 that the instructions and commands that Jesus gave to the twelve apostles were very specific. But when we come to vv.16ff we begin to see principles that also include other future missions. However, vv.16-20 include some elements that would only be fulfilled in a Jewish setting, such as the disciples being delivered to councils and that they would scourge them in their synagogues. These things certainly didn’t happen in relation to the commission given in Matt.10:1-15, or in relation to the mission of the further 70 that Jesus sent out in Lk.10:1-23. However, when Jesus spoke of them being brought before governors and kings for Jesus’ name sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles, we can see how that part was fulfilled in the Book of Acts, through the adventures of Peter and John, and Paul etc. The main thing was not to fear but to trust that God would speak though them.

There is much to say about why Jesus’ disciples would be hated by all, and it was not because they told their audiences that they could “Live their best life Now“, or that “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life!” Jesus said He was hated and called all kinds of names, so that the disciples would know what kind of treatment to expect from a hostile world. In fact in Lk. 6:26 He said “Woe onto you when all men speak well of you!”

We could say all the things that tickle people’s ears and will win friends and influence people. But James wrote that, ‘Friendship with the world is enmity towards God’ (James 4:4). We know what to expect, but we should also learn not to fear man, but rather fear God!

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