Job 40 – Can Job Do God’s Job?

We are coming towards the end of the Book of Job and there are some clues in this chapter that reveal what is at the core of the message and theology of the whole book.

Today, we read the whole chapter, though the second part of Job 40 seems to be a completely different subject, and should be the first part of a section from Job 40:15-24;   Job 41:1-34. So we’ll hopefully cover them both next time.

At any rate, Job has come to the place where he feels he can say nothing or say no more back to the LORD. And the point of the first section (vv.1-14) seems to be God saying, “If you think you could do I better job Job, how would you do it?

As for the homework assignment – what do you think is ‘the behemoth‘? (Job 40:15-24).

If you would like to watch this sermon in its video format, you can watch it on Youtube by clicking on this link!


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