Job 34 – God Is A Just God, So Just Accept That!

Elihu makes several points in this “sermon”, but mostly focuses on the Justice of God. It is absolutely true that God Alone Is Good, and that God is the Ultimate Judge and shows perfect justice to all who will come under His Judgement. But whilst focusing on the Justice of God, Elihu has missed something, and there are somethings about the ways of God’s dealing that we don’t understand.

In this “sermon” it sounds like Elihu is constantly seeking the approval of all who are within earshot of his words, hoping to get them on his side against Job.

Probably the most bazaar of Elihu’s comments is his wish that Job were ‘tried to the limit‘ or ‘to the max‘ (v.36)! Does he not think that Job has been through enough yet?

Perhaps you’d prefer to watch this sermon on Youtube. If so, click on this link!


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