Job 32 – Opinions On Wisdom And Judging Others!

In this chapter we are introduced for the first time to a new character named Elihu. He says he has been listening attentively from the very beginning of the discussion between Job and his three friends (See vv.10-14). He is fuming with wrath because he feels that the three friends have not done a very convincing job at condemning Job. So he makes a few opening remarks about respect for the elderly and their wisdom, but also wants to point out that wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. In fact he seems to believe he can do a much better job at condemning Job than them.

Not only that but he is bursting to share his opinion. He mentions ‘my opinion‘ three times, and although he says he doesn’t know how to flatter anyone, he seems to flatter himself. Also he is convinced that he has the Spirit of God in him, and simply must share his opinion or else he is going to burst!

If you want to watch the Youtube version of the sermon, just click on this link!


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