Job 22 – A Great Evangelistic Message From Eliphaz The Temanite

In this chapter we hear from Eliphaz the Temanite once again. This time his sermon is in response to Job’s last sermon (Job 21). He questions the reason that Job claims to fear God. But of course he doesn’t have all the facts, like we do, from God’s own commentary in Job 1:1, 8; 2:3, 9-10.

He makes out as if Job says and believes that God is so far removed from life on earth that He would not see the things that men do. But nowhere has Job ever said this. In fact, far from it, since Job believes that God watches him continually (See Job 7:19), and of course we also know from those references in Job 1:1, 8; 2:3, 9-10 that God does indeed take notice and holds Job up as an example of a God-fearing, righteous, man of integrity.

Eliphaz fires a load of accusations against Job in vv.4-11, which Job will later challenge in Job 31.

No doubt Eliphaz is like a well-meaning evangelist, but who has misdiagnosed his listeners – i.e. Job!

However, Eliphaz, in his appeal of vv.21-30 makes around TEN POINTS that are encouraging:

  1. Get acquainted with God – then you will be at peace, and good will come to you!
  2. Receive instruction from God, i.e., by means of His words (See Prov.4:2-23).
  3. Return, in repentance, deal with your iniquity, and you will be built up.
  4. Lay aside earthly interests and goals, i.e. your gold! And let God be your treasure instead!
  5. Delight yourself in the LORD, He will lift up your countenance!
  6. You can make your prayer to Him and be sure of being heard; give thanks and pay vows!
  7. You will decree* or decide (NIV) a thing! Choose to do a thing and be able to carry it out.
  8. Light will shine on your ways! The believers walk in the light – truth and revelation.
  9. Even if you are cast down, you know you will rise again! See Prov.24:16; 2 Cor.4:7-10.
  10. You’ll discover that you have power to pray intercessory prayers for others, even those who are not believers themselves (perhaps they will seek you out to pray for them)!

Little did Eliphaz realise it, but that last point would be fulfilled in Job 42:7-8, as Job prayed for him.

If you would like to watch the video of this sermon on Youtube, then just follow this link!


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