Job 21 – “But Then Why Do Good Things Happen To Bad People?”

This is the halfway point in the Book of Job and in this chapter Job responds particularly to the last message or sermon by Zophar in the previous chapter. If you recall, Zophar believed that the wicked always get what is coming to them in swift judgement. Here, Job asks, “Really, is that so?” Job describes the wicked as seemingly doing quite well and living to an old age surrounded with their children, and even apparently enjoying the “blessings” of Deut.28:1-4, rather than the curses of Deut.28:15-68.

The fact is that rich and poor, wicked or righteous, all end up buried in the same ground (they may even be lying there side-by-side), and eaten by the same worms! But that is not the end, since Job believes that there will be a “Dooms Day”, the Day of God’s Wrath – a Day that has been set aside for Judgement.

To finish off the chapter, Job asks how the empty words of his friends could possibly be of any encouragement to him. Thanks be to God however, we find comfort in the Scriptures and the Hope of the Gospel, which goes well beyond the grave!

If you would prefer to watch this sermon on Youtube, then just click on this link!


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