Ephesians 2 Part 1 – Once Dead! But Made Alive By God’s Grace Alone!

In this first part of Ephesians 2 we are told, ‘You were dead’ and had to be ‘quickened’ or ‘made alive’ (vv.1-3). This ‘being Regenerated’ or ‘Being Born Again’ took place in us ‘when we were dead in trespasses’ (v.5). God did not wait for us to reach out to Him, because in our ‘dead’ state, bound as we were by sin (John 8:33-34; Rom 6:12-23; 2 Tim.2:25-26) we never would have! Thank God that in ‘His great love with which He loved us’ (Eph.2:4), He took the initiative so that Salvation is completely of grace, and not of any works that we have done!


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