Reformation Truths 2022

This is as close to the 31st Oct we are going to get this year, as we commemorate the events of The Reformation 31 Oct, 1517.

But rather than focus on The Five Solas, like we did last year, this year we looked at the 5 Petals of The TULIP, which we truths held by The Reformers, and which normally come under the category of :

 For Total Depravity (although Radical Corruption might be a better term to use).

U For Unconditional Election (on what basis did God Elect or Choose someone to receive mercy, leading to Salvation?).

L For Limited Atonement (which could better be termed Definite Atonement, as in God had a Definite or Particular people in mind).

I For Irresistible Grace (Or perhaps better termed Effectual Grace, rather than Prevenient Grace).

P For The Perseverance of the Saints and/or the Preservation of the Saints.

To watch the full video of this special ‘longer than usual’ sermon and worship time, click on this link!


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