Reformation Truths 2021

Its been 504 years since Reformation Day! The Reformers wanted to bring Reform to the church of their day, because it was obvious that something was wrong. There was an over emphasis on church and papal authority, wherein the church was its own police force. The Reformers on the other hand saw the need for Scripture Alone as the basis for what the church teaches and as the measuring stick to gauge when the church starts to lose its shape and direction.

The church all through the ages should remember this because if Scripture Alone is not sufficient to show us what the truth is that it is to uphold, then inevitably some other form of authority will take its place. Some in today’s churches believe in Sola Exclesia, or The Church Alone, is all that we need, whereas on the other end of the pendulum we have people who effectively reject Sola Exclesia and Sola Scriptura, and prefer Sola Spiritu, which really means that they claim that they are led by the Spirit. This becomes highly subjective, and that person becomes their own police man! We need Sola Scriptura, the unchanging Word of God to make sure that we as individuals and the church on the whole doesn’t get off track again.

From Sola Scriptura we learn that Salvation is through Christ Alone, and that a person IS SAVED (though some well respected Bible Teachers unfortunately deny that we can KNOW that we are saved), by Grace Alone through Faith Alone. This will result in that God Alone will receive all the glory! See Rom.11:33-36.

And until next year…keep reforming, informing, and transforming! For the video of this sermon, just click on this link!Sorry about the loss of video feed at a couple of parts of the sermon.


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