Psalm 27- A Declaration of Faith in God’s Salvation!

Here, as usual, David expresses his trust in the LORD, even whilst he is either being attacked or surrounded by his enemies.

William Macdonald in ‘The Believer’s Bible Commentary’ saw quite a lot of parallels between David in this Psalm, and the events of Jesus’ arrest and trial. So much as so as you’d think that the whole Psalm was about Jesus. Well, we can see some similarities alright, but there are also many things that each of us could easily identify with too!

This message was shared on the 9th July. That was approximately 25 years since Living Rock Church came to Killarney. Michael and Ninfa, Ashley and Hannah moved to Killarney on the 8th July, 1998. They didn’t start having church or meetings until September of 1998, meeting in The Cultural Centre, Killarney.

If you would like to watch the video of the service today, just click on this link!


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