Psalm 10 – A Song of Confidence in God’s Triumph over Evil!

This is “Part 2” of Psalms 9-10, and we pointed out that they are one Psalm in the Hebrew Bible. The first half (Psalm 9) speaks of God’s Judgements on The Nations, whereas the second half (Psalm 10) speaks of God’s Judgements in general.

The bottom line reason why wicked people do the things they do is that they don’t think or have convinced themselves that they will never be held accountable for the way they have lived. Some verses from Luke 12:16-21and Heb.4:12-13 might sober such people up.

David’s King, and our King Jesus, will rule and reign for ever and ever (See Ps.10:16), and under His rule and reign there will be no more sorrow or oppression any more. As always, if you’d like to watch this sermon on Youtube, just click on this link!


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