Matthew 9 Pt.4 – The Blind See, The Mute Speak, The Harvest Is Great!

In this last section of Matt.9:27-31 we have the account of two blind men (perhaps for Matthew to affirm every event with 2 or 3 witnesses, according to Deut.19:15; 2 Cor.13:1), who followed after Jesus, calling or crying out, “Son of David, have mercy on us!” And of course they were seeking “pity” from the one that they perceived, though not with natural vision, as “The Messiah“!

It is very important to comprehend who the Christ or Messiah is. When Jesus asked the Pharisees who they thought “The Messiah was?” they replied that He would be “The Son of David” (See Matt.22:41-46). In fact they were 100% sure of this. But Jesus quizzed them by quoting Ps.110:1, saying basically, “Well how is that, since the Scripture says, “The LORD said to my Lord sit at My right hand”? Surely David would not be calling his son, “Lord” – so Jesus wanted them to explain it. But they could not. Now then, here is something wonderful – these two blind men saw what the religious leaders could not see – That Jesus was both Lord and Christ. You need to know that when the Hebrew text reads “LORD” in all CAPS, that this means that the original word is the Tetragrammaton, whereas when the text reads “Lord” in LOWER CASE, it is reference to The Sovereign Lord.

These two blind men not only perceived that Jesus was Lord and The Son of David, but they also recognised Him as the one that is Merciful and Full of Compassion (See Ex.33:19; Rom.9:15; Ps.103:1-10, 17; 136), and that in the Messianic age, there would be healings such as those Messianic prophecies foretold (Is.29:18; 35:5-6; 61:1-2a).

Well, Jesus didn’t immediately give them sight, but waited until He got them indoors until He asked them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matt.9:28) Was He calling the blindmens’ bluff? He certainly was testing their faith. Then He touched their eyes, they saw, and He sternly warned them to tell no-one! It is debatable as to whether Jesus knew that these men would do exactly what He had told them not to do, and if so, were they being disobedient? William MacDonald, in his commentary says this: “Not even gratitude is a valid excuse for disobedience!” So, I wonder what you think.

It is quite possible that these two formerly blind men were the ones who went out and found the man who was mute (See Matt.9:32-33). It is likely that the mute man was also deaf, since the two conditions usually go together. But we aren’t told that specifically. We are told however, that on this occasion, the man’s inability to speak, was due to him having a demon that needed to be cast out.

Unlike the blind men, who Jesus told not to speak about Him, Jesus did not put the same prohibition on his telling what the Lord had done for him.

And finally in Matt.9:35-38 we have pretty much a summary of Jesus ministry at this time. That ministry included teaching, and preaching, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people”! Most likely this means “every kind of” sickness and disease rather than every person who was ever sick, but both are possible interpretations.

Jesus saw the people, their needs, and the fact that they were ‘weary‘ and ‘scattered‘ like sheep having no shepherd, and He saw them as a great harvest that would be brought into God’s kingdom.

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