Matthew 9 Pt.3 – Healing The Sick and Raising The Dead!

Here is a double miracle. It is possible to differentiate between these two miracles, but at the same time, they do run into each other.

First you have Jairus’ a ruler of the synagogue, whose only daughter is lying at the point of death. He begs and worships Jesus, and procures Jesus to come quickly to his home to lay hands on his daughter for healing.

But then you have an interruption. A woman who has had an issue or fountain of blood or a hemorrhage for 12 years, came up in the crowds that were thronging Jesus, in the hopes of “stealing a blessing” and sneaking away back into the crowd. But Jesus caught her and she was healed on the spot.

Eventually Jesus and His disciples and Jairus made up back to Jairus’ house, where in the meantime, his 12 year old daughter had died. Was it too late? No! Actually Jesus proclaimed that the girl was not dead but sleeping. And all Jesus had to do was awaken her, just like her mother would do in the morning to call her daughter for her breakfast.

The same applied to every believer. We will not all sleep. But those who do have hope in the resurrection at the end of the ages (See 1 Cor.15:18-20; 1 Thess.4:13-18). Why? Well, because Jesus is The Resurrection and The Life (John  11:25).

If you’d like to watch the video of the whole church service, just click on this link!


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