Matthew 9 Pt.1 – The Double Cure Forgiveness of Sins and Bodily Healing!

A great healing took place in Matt.9:1-8, but Matthew only gives us the bare details. For the full account we need to read from Mark 2:1-12 and Luke 5:17-26, where we learn that 4 men brought their paralytic friend to the house in which Jesus was ministering, and where he was preaching or teaching the word, and where the power of the Lord was present to heal them.

But rather than going straight to the point and healing the paralysed man, Jesus, the Great Physician went to the root cause of all our problems: sin!

Jesus declared the man’s sins “Forgiven“! That would have been the best thing ever, but Jesus knew that everyone was thinking to themselves that “talk is cheap”, and that unless people saw evidence, they would never know whether Jesus words had any authority to them or not. So what did Jesus do next? He then told the paralysed man to arise and get up and pick up his mattress and go! Which he did immediately!

Of course, the religious leaders who were sitting by were not too happy when they heard Jesus declare the man’s sins forgiven, and even accused Him of blasphemy, since only God can forgive sins. In this they assumed that Jesus was not God, and it is true that anyone who presumes to forgive sins is blaspheming, whether that be a bishop or any priest – God alone forgives sins. But Jesus is God-Incarnate and He did both Forgive the man his sins and Raised him up.

Amidst all this was one of the best statements Jesus ever made, and He made it so that those listening would know that He the Son of Man has the power / authority on the earth, right there and then, to forgive sins. Why? Because He is none other than The Son of Man, seen in Dan.7:13-14, in all His power and glory. If Jesus could forgive sins on earth then, how much more can He do from heaven!

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