Matthew 7 Pt.1 – Judging, Praying, and “The Golden Rule”!

This chapter starts with one of the best known verses in the Bible: “Judge not, that you be not judged.” What did Jesus mean by this? Are we known as people who judge and condemn one another? Are we never to exercise any judgement? What about making the judgement call on who is a a dog or a swine (Matt.7:6)? It is unfortunate that over the last couple of years Christians have been divided over the whole COVID issue with one side judging and even slandering others on how they should have behaved. What a sad reflection on Christians who are supposed to live life to a higher standard of righteousness than others (See Matt.5:20). Also in this section we learn about the need to be persistent in prayer. And that we are to live by “The Golden Rule”, which fulfils all that is contained within The Law and The Prophets.

To watch the video of the whole church service, just click on this link!


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