Matthew 5 Pt.2 Jesus, The Law and The Prophets!

In Matt.5:17-20 Jesus spoke of how rather than coming to demolish or destroy the Law and the Prophets, He would fulfill what was expected under the Law, and to fulfill all the Messianic prophecies. However some have been teaching that since we are ‘no longer under the law but are under grace’ (Rom.6:14), that that therefore means that the law plays no further role for us as Christians. But is this true? Check out and find out about The Way of The Master evangelism training course.

Did you know that ‘The Law of the LORD is perfect converting the soul‘? (Ps.19:7).

Did you know that Paul would not have known of the sin in his life had it not been for the law (Rom.7:7-13).

Paul actually taught Timothy that there is a proper use for the law, and a misuse of the law.
The misuse of the law leads to Legalism or Antinomianism, whereas a proper use of the law is that the law acts as our tutor to bring us or point us to Christ (Gal.3:24).

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