Matthew 3 Pt.1 Prepare The Way of The Lord!

How is it that it was prophesied that Elijah must come first before the great and terrible day of the LORD (See Malachi 4:4-6)? How and in what way is John the Baptist the Elijah that the Scriptures foretold?

There had been a silence of 400 years since the last prophet, Malachi spoke, until the beginning of the ministry of John the Baptist. John was sent to get the people ready for the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.

What on earth would attract masses of crowds of people to John preaching the unpopular message of repentance, in the middle of the wilderness? Clearly it is the LORD who draws people by His Spirit, bringing them to rebirth, repentance and faith. Those who came to John to be baptised confessed their sins, as a sign that they were entering into the new community of faith, people ready to meet their Lord.


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