Matthew 24 Pt.5 – False Christs and False Prophets!

What would happen if there were false Christs and False Prophets running around prior to the events that took place in AD70? They could easily mislead people into thinking that there was another Messiah who would insure victory over the Romans, but which would actually lead to the total destruction of Jerusalem in AD70. When the Legionnaire Cestius Gallus, who was Governor of Syria, decided to quash the Jewish Revolt that began in AD66, he totally failed. This would have given rise to optimism and the belief that the Jewish Revolt was a success. But once Gallus had retreated, soon General Titus came back to finish off the job. During this short interval, no doubt the Christians took the opportunity to flee from Judea to Pella in the North. The noose was beginning to tighten around Jerusalem in AD70, and Jesus predicted everything that is recorded in Luke 21:20-24. But of course there was a plan unfolding that allow the Gospel to go out to the Nations, as Paul explains in Rom.11.

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