Matthew 22 Pt.5- “What Think Ye Of Christ?”

The Pharisees and Sadducees had had their turn in asking Jesus hard questions in order to test Him and entangle Him in His words. Now the shoe would be on the other foot, as Jesus didn’t let them retreat too far! He asked them a question of His own. I like this quote from R.C.Sproul, “If His answers made them look foolish, His questions removed any doubt!” That reminds me of people who try to wade into theological debates that they aren’t capable or trained well enough in. When asked to back up their points they often can’t and therefore try to change the subject. What Jesus did on this occasion was to out manoeuvre His opponents, and force them into a corner wherein they had to answer that the Promised Messiah (Christ) was to be the son of David (a descendant of David’s along his royal lineage. But then Jesus quoted Psalm 110:1 where Jehovah (YHWH) speaks to The Sovereign Lord (Adonay/Adonai), and yet David is saying that this Adonai (Lord) is his Sovereign Lord. And so Jesus asked, “Who was David speaking about about when he spoke or wrote under divine inspiration?” All the fingers point to David’s son as The Sovereign Lord! If there is any doubt about what is meant by Sovereign Lord, and who that actually is, then all you have to do is turn over to Psalm 8:1, where David again speaks, but this time to the same God, saying, “O LORD our Lord”, which basically means, “O LORD (God/Jehovah/I AM that I AM) our Sovereign Lord!” Are there TWO PERSONS or ONE? AHA! We could hardly say that The LORD is NOT The SOVEREIGN Lord, and so we can conclude that there are TWO PERSONS who are referred to and yet ONE BEING who is both LORD and Lord! I hope you aren’t confused. So, the conclusion is that Jesus is David’s son according to the flesh (a descendant of David’s), and also The Sovereign Lord, God in the flesh! But they wouldn’t receive it, just like many Jehovah’s Witnesses today, even when the TRUTH is staring them in the face, walk away and refuse to bow the knee to Jesus as Lord! The question is, “What think ye (you yourself) of Christ?”

To watch the full video of the service from today, just click on this link!


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