Matthew 22 Pt.1- What about Resurrection, Miracles, and Angels?

In this episode Jesus took on another religious group called The Sadducees. They existed between 187 BC up until around the time of the destruction of The Temple in 70 AD. There were various factions and points of view amongst the religious leaders of the first century, and there were ongoing disputes between The Pharisees and The Sadducees. They had different points of views on a number of things. See particularly Acts 23:8 that tells us some of the differences between these two groups. However, they had a common enemy, and it seems that their attacks were relentless, coming every day whilst Jesus was teaching in The Temple during Christ’s final week. There are ongoing debates amongst Christians too, some of which have been going on for hundreds of years. Some of these disputes and debates are over minor issues or secondary issues, but yet people are willing to fight one another over them, name call, mock, and cause divisions in the body of Christ. It is ongoing in our day. Perhaps Jesus’ words are as applicable to us today as they were to these Sadducees: “You are MISTAKEN, NOT KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES NOR THE POWER OF GOD” (Matt.22:29). This could mean that there were TWO AREAS of IGNORANCE that needed addressing, or that BY KNOWING THE SCRIPTURES and going deeper into them, they would discover THE POWER OF GOD!

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