Matthew 20 Pt.3 – Greatness is Serving and Giving!

Jesus had just spoken in advance (“Predicted”) the betrayal, suffering, mocking, and scourging, and death by crucifixion, that He would shortly have to experience, followed by His resurrection. And straight after that, in interesting timing, the mother of two of His disciples, approached Him with her two son, James and John, with a “special request”! It could be that this woman was Salome, mentioned in Mk.15:40-41 and Mk.16:1. If so, then she could also be Mary’s sister (John 19:25), which would mean that James and John were cousins of Jesus. Could it be that three of them approached Jesus, based on His promise in Matt.19:28-30, to try to secure a good “spot” for themselves in the coming kingdom? We look at this request, and Jesus’ response to it in this message!

To watch the video from today, just click on this link!


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