Matthew 20 Pt.2 – Jesus’ 3rd “Prediction” of His Death and Resurrection!

There are 3 occasions where Jesus told His disciples about the events that would soon unfold leading to His Death, Burial, and Resurrection. These began at Matt.16:21-23. Then again in Matt.17:22-23, And then again here at Matt.20:17-19. Each time Jesus added a little bit more information on how things would work out. He didn’t so much “predict” that “I don’t think things are looking to good as we go up to Jerusalem….The religious leaders might not like Me!” He had spoken of what MUST take place, and spoke of what WILL happen. You see, there are no coincidences or chance happenings – not in Jesus’ life and mission, and not in our lives either!

To watch today’s video, just click on this link!


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