Matthew 19 Pt. 2 – The Rich Young Ruler!

Earlier in this chapter Jesus spoke about The Kingdom of God, and how it must be received like a little child receives something. However, in this section we read of a rich young ruler (as we gather the information from the synoptic gospels), who appeared eager to have this gift of eternal life. But what he says reveals that he thinks that somehow he can earn or inherit eternal life by maybe doing  some good deed. Jesus had to correct the young man’s understanding of what “Good” was, and show him that he couldn’t keep the law, and therefore could never merit eternal life. Having heard what Jesus told him, rather than accepting what Jesus said, we read that he went away sorrowful, since he had great possessions. And we never hear of this rich young ruler  in the Bible again, so we can assume that he never entered into the eternal life that he seemed so eager to receive.

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