Matthew 18 Pt.1 – The Way To Greatness!

This new chapter introduces us to a new section of Jesus’ teachings to His disciples to do with interpersonal relationship.

First of all the disciples had been disputing amongst themselves as to who was the greatest (Matt.18:1). This could have meant that Peter, James, and John were thinking that because they had been on the Mount when Jesus was Transfigured before them, that they had secured the top 3 positions. Some to this day are convinced that Peter secured for himself the number one spot! But Jesus gave them an object lesson, showing them a little child and saying that “Unless you are converted and become as little children” you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt.18:2-3). A child in the first century AD didn’t really have any social standing. They were basically not important. Were Jesus’ disciples willing to become like little children, losing their standing in society?

First must come conversion or change, and in this sense Matthew speaks similar language to John in his Gospel. If you compare Matt.18:2-4 with John 3:1-11 you’ll find that they report Jesus as saying pretty much the same thing. Of course we can’t bring about the New Birth any more than we can convert ourselves – it is a work of God within us. But we do have a responsibility to become as little children, in  that we are to humble ourselves, following Jesus’ example (See Phil.2:5-11).

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