Matthew 14 Pt.4 – Healing The Sick!

Just as we reach and finish the halfway point of Matthew’s Gospel, before going into Matt.15, we are told of what happened when Jesus and the disciples aboard the boat arrived at the other side of the lake. They were met by men who recognized Him, and who sent out word to all those in the surrounding region of Gennesaret, letting them know that Jesus was there. They brought all those they could find who were sick to bring them to Jesus. But, whereas on other occasions Jesus may have spoken the word or laid His hands on the sick, the people of this region, for some reason, begged Him that they could just touch the hem of His garment. We aren’t told why. But we are told of a previous incident in Matt.9, when a woman with a flow of blood twelve years grabbed a hold of the hem of Jesus’ garment, and on that occasion power flowed out from Jesus to her and she was instantly made well. Did she spread the news of her testimony so that people now believed that if they were to do what she had done, they too would be healed?

Some have suggested that the hem of the garment, means the wings, and have drawn a connection between that and Mal.4:2, that speaks of The Sun of Righteousness who has risen with healing in His wings! But there seems to be little evidence for this, and most likely in Mal.4:2 the word should be “rays” rather than “wings“. The good news is that we don’t need a piece of Jesus’ hem now, as we have Him, who has truly Risen and does have Healing Rays that flow out to us and effect much more than our human bodies, but brings healing and wholeness to every part of our being. We may not see it this side of glory, but we who are believers are due a free upgrade anyway! Put your trust in Jesus as your healer, but also as your Saviour!

For the full video, click on this link. Sorry again for the imperfect sound quality….we are getting there!


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