Matthew 14 Pt.2 A Free Meal – The Feeding Of The 5000+

In this part of Matthew 14 we see that Jesus and His disciples took themselves away for a time of R&R which didn’t exactly materialize. But it did turn out to be an opportunity for Jesus to feed over 5000 men, besides women and children, in a supernatural act in which Jesus multiplied a boy’s lunch  of 5 loaves and 2 fish, to such an extent that all present were more than abundantly supplied and satisfied and there were even 12 baskets of leftovers that no doubt would be used for a later meal.

Jesus would not have been working this miracle just to prover that the saying, “There is no such thing as a free lunch“, simply is not true. But because this event took place near to the time of The Feast of Passover (See John 6:4), Jesus would be acting like Moses in providing food for the people of Israel. There are a number of similarities of parallels between this event and Israel in the wilderness.

Ultimately though Jesus took the time to minister healing and to teach the people and show that He was The True Bread that came down from heaven to give His life for the world!

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