Matthew 14 Pt. 1 – The Voice of a Prophet and of The Conscience!

At the beginning of this chapter we are given a little flashback to an event that had happened, concerning John the Baptist! The reason for bringing this to our attention now, is that Jesus was back in His own region of Galilee which was under the jurisdiction of Herod Antipas, who had previously had John the Baptist beheaded. Herod was now of the opinion that John must have been raised from the dead because there was someone going around working miracles, and Herod, troubled by his conscience was of the persuasion that the only way this could happen was by John being raised again from the dead. This scared Herod and therefore there is no telling what he would likely do.

John’s ministry had come to and end. But he was also the last of the Old Testament prophets, and whose spoke as one of the prophets of old, challenging the “Royal Family”, or the Hierarchy with his message on the need for repentance, and calling people out of their particular sins. Of course the state of the house of the Herods was a one big mess, with all kinds of forbidden marriages and sins taking place, and John was right to call them out for it. It cost him his head.

But in a similar way, the church must sometimes act as a prophet and speak to the conscience of a society. We may not be popular for it, but that is part of our calling from God!

To watch the video of this, our first Sunday service in The Mon School, click on this link. Sorry about the sound quality – we are having teething problems with the new set up and the acoustics of the new premises. Please bear with us! Thanks.


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