Matthew 13 Pt.4 – Mustard Seed, Leaven, and Secret Things!

The next two parables in this series of 7 parables in this chapter are not explained by Jesus. Therefore, none of us can be dogmatic about their meaning. However, since we do have the whole of the Bible to glean from, it may be possible to see some parallels with these two parables in other places. Then, before He continues with parables #5-7, Matthew tells us how Jesus was actually fulfilling prophesy by speaking in parables. We already saw in Matthew 13:10-17 the reason Jesus spoke in parables, but here Jesus is seen like one of the prophets, and yet we know He is more than a prophet, in the way that He spoke of things that had been hidden or kept secret from the beginning of the world. No doubt we could go all the way back to the proto evangelion found in Gen.3:15, and see how Jesus was God’s Plan of redemption, and that those who He would redeem, were chosen before the world began, as recorded in His books (See Eph.1:4-12; 2:8-10; 1 Pet.1:2, 20-22; John 17:24; Rev.13:8; 17:8; Acts 15:18; 2 Tim.1:9-10).

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