Matthew 13 Pt.1 – The Sower Sows!

There seems to be a very clear transition between Matthew 12:46-50 and when you read the opening words of Matthew 13:1, which says that Jesus went out of the house and went and sat by the sea. Some also see here a spiritual reference to Him leaving the House of Israel and going to the Sea, which would represent the Gentiles.

Who was the Sower that Jesus referred to? Could it be Himself? ‘He went out’ and ‘The Sower went out’!

Why did Jesus speak to the multitudes in parables? Was it to help them understand spiritual truths?

Why were His disciples able to understand, and yet at the same time needed further help to understand, and have things explained to them?

We will answer these questions in this chapter!

To watch the video of this sermon and the whole service from 11th Sept, 2022, click on this link!


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