Matthew 12 Pt.3 – Satan’s Kingdom Divided, and The Unpardonable Sin!

aIn this section of this chapter we see fresh hostilities between The Pharisees and Jesus. This time Jesus healed a man who was demon-possessed, and who was blind and mute. The miracle was so great that many really considered the possibility that Jesus really was ‘The Messiah‘ or Son of David. But not The Pharisees. They really stooped to new lows here when they said that Jesus was in cahoots or in league with the Devil, Beelzebub, or Lord or the flies, or Lord of the Dung Hill. Jesus demonstrated that this was silly logic, since it would mean that Satan was at war with himself and this would ruin his kingdom. He also raised the point that, if He was doing His miracles by Satanic power, how were their own people casting out demons. There were some Jewish exorcists, such as those recorded in Acts 19:13-17. Jesus warned The Pharisees that they were dangerously close to committing a sin for which there would never be forgiveness. This sin, known as The Unpardonable Sin, is a sin against The Holy Spirit. What is it? Well that has caused all kinds of trouble and vexation for those who think or have been told that they may have committed it. It appears that Jesus means that once the Holy Spirit has given clear revelation to a person as to who Jesus is, either through the teaching or clear demonstrations of miracles that came only from God, and they outrightly reject that evidence and the Spirit’s promptings, and insult the Spirit of Grace, then there is no hope of that person ever coming to Jesus Christ or experiencing His forgiveness. On the other hand, the good news in these verses is that all sin and blasphemy committed against The Son of God, or indeed against God, will be forgiven men ! To watch the video of today’s service, click on this link!


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