Matthew 11 Pt.1 – Encouragement to Enter The Kingdom of Heaven!

Matthew 11 Pt. 1 - Encouragement to Enter The Kingdom of Heaven!

In the first part of this chapter Jesus sent a message of encouragement to John the Baptist, and spoke to the crowds about John and his ministry. John came as the last in a long line of prophets and was the last of the Old Testament prophets. Jesus actually said that John was the greatest of all the prophets and yet as great as John was, the least member in the Kingdom of Heaven was greater than John, having much better blessings and privileges than John could ever have dreamed of. People at that time were violently pressing in to lay hold of the things of the kingdom of heaven (See Luke 16:16). And yet the only way to enter into this kingdom is by Being Born Again (John 3:3-8). We can’t bring about the New Birth anymore than we brought about our own natural birth. But the evidence of Being Born Again will be that we have Faith and the ability to Repent. And the results of that is Eternal life here and now, and lasting all the way to “eternity”. I.e. It will never end!

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