Job 38 – God Shows Up!

Finally after all this time, God Himself speaks to Job. What will God say? Will He answer Job’s questions? Well in fact the LORD said that Job spoke in a manner that didn’t take into consideration His divine council (See Job 38:2 NASB and Berean).

The LORD had Job to lift up his eyes to the heavens and consider how God organises His creation in the areas of Geology, Geography, Cosmology, Meteorology, and every other find of “-ology”, before coming down to earth to talk about animal life, and God’s care of each and every creature. Hopefully the idea is that if God so cares for the lions, and ravens, will He not show as much or greater care for you? See (Matt.6:25-27; 10:27-31).

If you’d like to watch this sermon in its video format, clicking this link will take you to it on Youtube!


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