Job 37 – Consider The Wondrous Works Of God!

In this chapter Elihu finally wraps up his argument and prepares the way for the LORD Himself to come and speak. However before that, Elihu does make some very interesting comments about the weather (vv.1-13). We may wonder if the weather has a mind of its own, or if things happen just by chance. Well in this chapter we are told that God actually controls it and may use all different types of weather to fulfil His purposes. See especially v.12.

I wonder how many would agree with the statement made by R.C. Sproul: “There is not a single maverick molecule in this universe that is outside of the Sovereign control of God!”? In this chapter, Elihu says that God may send certain weather conditions: (Weather) Whether for correction (the rod), or for His land, or for Mercy! (v.13).

After the description of God coming in what appears to be judgement (vv.1-13), we read of God coming in golden splendour (v.22). The best thing we can do is fear Him (v.24), as all the wise of heart do! If you would like to watch the Youtube video of this sermon, just click this link!


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