Job 31 – Jobs Last Confident Appeal!

In this chapter we learn a lot about the kind of life Job lived, and how he was able to live a righteous life before the LORD. Clearly Job feared God and His Judgements, and that comes through a number of times in this chapter. In fact the key words that keep appearing in this chapter are “IF” and “THEN” as Job argues his case and says, “IF I have done these things, these wrong things, these sinful things, THEN I deserve all that comes upon me!”

But at the end of this chapter, as v.40 says, these are the end of Job’s words, or at least for the moment. So the whole chapter is Job making his final case hoping for “a hearing” before God, so that he can be finally vindicated and shown to be righteous.

If you prefer to watch this video on Youtube, you can follow this link!


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