Job 30 – He Gives And Takes Away!

In the previous chapter (Job 29) Job focused on his past. The words “But now” or “And now” appear in this chapter at vv.1, 9, 16, showing that Job is ‘Now‘ focused on his present circumstances, that have gone from him being respected to him now being made fun of by the dregs of society. Job has known prosperity, but now its is all ‘gone with the wind’ (See v.15), or evaporated like a cloud.

Job was learning what it was like to be content in either abundance or lack, just as Paul spoke about in Phil.4:11-13.

There is much we can learn from this chapter, including that even though we may have done good for others in the past, they may never repay us. But we look to God as our source and not to men. To watch the Youtube video of the sermon click here! Just bear in mind that the video camera was acting up during this recording for a few minutes.


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