Job 24 – Social Injustices and Divine Justice!

In this chapter Job lists many social injustices, and asks whether God does anything about them. This is no doubt in response to his friends arguments in which they insisted that the wicked always get God’s justice, seemingly instantly in this life. But Job disagrees, and asks where is the evidence of this. He certainly wishes that this would be the case.
Job believes he has presented an air-tight argument.

There are also many social injustices today all around us. This has led to some “christian ministries” switching their focus from spiritual welfare to social welfare, to the point that in some cases they don’t allow those on their teams to actively share the Gospel with those in need. Instead they are to try to help the person in all other ways, but say, “We don’t believe in shoving the Gospel down people’s throats!” Wow! Is that what they think street preachers do when we share the Gospel!

What they must realise is that some of those people they are ministering to may not have tomorrow, as our times are in God’s hands (See Job 24:1; Ps.31:15; Lk.12:16-21).

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