Job 20 – That “Something” Missing!

We can tell from the opening verses of Job 20 that Zophar has been affected by what he heard Job say in the previous chapter (Job 19). So now we hear the second and last of Zophar’s speeches, only this time he gives a sermon on the Judgement of the wicked.

As you go through Zophar’s sermon you’ll notice a lot of generalisations concerning the kinds of things that befall the wicked. But we have to stop him every once in a while and ask, “Really? Is that always the case?” Zophar seems to think that swift judgement always comes upon the wicked, and assumes that Job is under God’s judgement. But the big question then has got to be – ‘Why then is Job’s “judgement” lingering on so long?’ And another question would be, ‘So is it only the wicked who experience misfortunes in life?’

Zophar clearly has missed something, and perhaps a quote from Hab.3:2 would have helped. There we read, “O LORD, I have heard your speech and was afraid; O LORD, revive Your work in the midst of the years! In the midst of the years make it known, in wrath remember mercy.”

We are taught in the New Testament that God will be Merciful on whomever He will have mercy, and that He will have compassion on whomever He will have compassion (Rom.9:15). We certainly shouldn’t presume that we will find mercy (See 2 Tim.2:25), because the ability to repent is something that only God can grant.

There is true and false repentance, as seen in the cases of Esau and Judas Iscariot (Heb.12:16-17; Matt.27:3), and the believers at Corinth (2 Cor.7:10-11). And the natural man, the unregenerate, and without the Holy Spirit in his life – can do nothing that is pleasing to God, such as even coming to genuine repentance (See 1 Cor.2:14; Rom.8:5-9). The ability to come to genuine repentance and thus to escape the judgement of God, is a work and an evidence of God’s GOODNESS, FORBEARANCE, and LONGSUFFERING, and many people don’t realise that it is actually THE GOODNESS OF GOD THAT LEADS YOU TO REPENTANCE! See Rom.2:1-11, and especially vv.4-5.

We can preach on the righteous judgement of God, but let us not miss what Zophar missed – he failed to allow room for repentance…which is evidence of God’s mercy – not just on all the wicked, but to all sinners, since God is calling ALL MEN EVERYWHERE to repentance!

If you’d prefer to watch the video of this sermon, recorded at Living Rock Church, Killarney, then just click here!


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