Job 17 – Please Release Me Let Me Go!

Job 16 and Job 17 are both part of the same dialogue between Job and his friends, and prayer between Job and God! It would sound as if Job has come to the end of his rope, and yet by the end of this chapter, Job still talks about hope, even beyond the grave. Once again, like we saw in Job 16 there is someone else that the descriptions given could be referring to, and its like Job is a prophet speaking about Christ.
If you were asked, “What comes to mind when you think of Job?” how would you answer? A lot of people, if they know anything about the Book of Job or the Biblical character, will answer, “An example of suffering!” And although that is true, in the letter of James, we are told that Job is the prime example of perseverance or patience (See James 5:11). Now then, what comes to mind when the same question is asked of you concerning the Lord Jesus Christ? Actually, Job said that he had become a byword and one that people had sang songs about (See Job 17:6; 30:9). But though that is true of Job, there has not been a name under heaven that has been more abused and used as a swear word, or a curse word, more so, and undeservingly, than that of the Lord Jesus!

We never read in Job that people spat in his face or punched him, and yet the one that Job foreshadows, the Lord Jesus, received punches and men spat in His face (See Job 17:6-9; Matt.26:67-68; 27:41-43), all of which is really a fulfilment of Isa.53.

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